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dangerous archives?

Posted on December 8, 2010

Watch the development of the case against Julian Assange very carefully. It’s pretty bizzare: sexual assault? espionage? Some are coming to his defense. As my friend Barbara says, one likely result of this drama will be greater restrictions on the way we are able to access, use and create various media archives. CBS News predicts a future of never-ending cyberwar. Never forget: sorting through these sorts of archives or databases is the political practice of our time, made even more so by sheer ubiquity. And the creation of digital archives themselves? What sort of politics is that? One New Republic editorial questions Julian Assange’s/Wikileaks’ status as beacons of serious journalism, governmental transparency and democracy due to their commitment to collect data, without organization and…

render a thought

Posted on November 1, 2010

Lev Manovich writes: People talk about “writing an article” or “working on the article.” (I hate the latter expression – why is playing with ideas referred to [as] “work”?)   I am now using “rendering articles” instead. The analogy works well. Just as with 3D modeling, it can take a while to create the objects (ideas) and position them in a scene correctly (structure of a paper). But once this is done, the rest is just rendering. To make a wireframe (a summary of the ideas) is quick. But to develop these ideas in such a way that a reader can get them, add examples, refine the language etc can take a long time.   FYI, when they were making the latest Toy Story…



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