Lagos Hair


I grew up in Lagos, Nigeria during the oil boom of the 1970’s and 80’s. Fashion reflected the city’s exuberant modernism and futurism. There were great hairstyles, which all the fancy ladies wore. The city was changing and growing fast. New structures seemed to be going up everyday. The new hairstles were intended to simulate the forms of the urban structures they were named after. Like the hairstyle pictured above was called “Eko Bridge,” after the new bridges built to link the city’s islands. There were also styles like the skyscraper, the stadium, etc.

As you can probably tell, hair for Lagosians, and many other Africans, is a big deal. Look here for more about the significance of hair and the head in West Africa.

I think hair done like this could be a way of archiving the city, don’t you?

One thought on “Lagos Hair

  1. nowtoday we have not time for manz things: we simplify the clothes and hair fashion, food, even relationships; we do too many things in too less time. simplify school, culture, friendship and love. short scools, easy (and stupid) music, cinema, literature; friends for interess, prostitutes, less education for our children. so, why do you wonder that poor countries are more sophisticated than we are? they find time for fundamental matters we forgot how important are

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