Single Men

I am not sure what exactly this has to do with the theme of urban research, or archiving the city, but I must mention the greatest (urban?) youtube phenomena of 2008: copying Beyonce’s music video for her song “Single Ladies.” My two  favorite “repeat performances” are by these fabulous men.

What I love about these performances is the precision, the attention to detail, the sheer perfection of the copy. At the same time, each of these performers infuses the song with personal soul, attitude and humour, in the style of the jazz greats, giving a new meaning to the otherwise trite, (hetero)sexist sentiment of single ladies having to “put a ring on [that special finger].”

And, of course, you gotta love the fashions!

To more love and beauty in the new year. Happy 2009!

One thought on “Single Men

  1. Both are GREAT performances and artistic (costume, location, alternative choreography) of this Single Ladies phenomenon! I have notice her ein NYC that people are really vibing with the song. I sat for an evening with three young girls ages 6,8 and 11 all who love the song even more than I do; periodically throughout the evening they performed their own Single Ladies choreography. I am not sure what the widespread fascination is (I admit I have the bug MAJORLY, but it is a fun to hear a snippet of the song on the streets of NYC, say though the windows of a passing car, only to hear people around you start humming and singing along. New York has become musical again. Thank you Beyonce! Happy New Year, fellow Archivers!

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