render a thought

Lev Manovich writes:

People talk about “writing an article” or “working on the article.” (I hate the latter expression – why is playing with ideas referred to [as] “work”?)


I am now using “rendering articles” instead. The analogy works well.
Just as with 3D modeling, it can take a while to create the objects (ideas) and position them in a scene correctly (structure of a paper). But once this is done, the rest is just rendering. To make a wireframe (a summary of the ideas) is quick. But to develop these ideas in such a way that a reader can get them, add examples, refine the language etc can take a long time.


FYI, when they were making the latest Toy Story 3, it took 7 hours to render one frame. And this is for a rather cartoonish world. Even though they used a render farm.


Here are my “rendering specs”:
coming up and refining the basic ideas: 10 to 2 years.
Writing first draft (5,000 article): 3 days.
Revising and refining: a few weeks (a number of rendering passes with time breaks in between).

How come no one explained this rendering timeline to me when I started grad school?!

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