tarot as research method

All images in this post by Tracee Worley

On Monday November 8, 2010, I did a series of tarot readings at Bar Olivino in Brooklyn. Here is how I advertised the event:

Hello Friend,

I’m doing some research for my project (https://archivingthecity.com/abouttonight, Monday Nov. 8 (7ish-11ish PM), at Olivino, a wine bar in Brooklyn. You are invited to participate, or just get a glass of wine, if you’re free.

Here is the description of what I am doing:
Tarot readings by Adeola
Adeola, an artist, writer, and researcher, reads tarot cards for seekers who are after new ‘visionings.’  ‘Visionings’ happen when the seeker and the reader focus together for a short time, and often yield stories and images that can work in a creative and healing fashion in moments beyond the reading itself. Adeola started reading cards in New York City in the year 2000.

This is what happened:

2 thoughts on “tarot as research method

  1. ‘…it requires a consideration of the politics of what Peggy Phelan (1993) calls the ‘unmarked’, that, is, an attempt to find, value, and retain what is not marked as ‘here’, yet palpably still reverberates; invisible dust still singing, still dancing’. (Nigel Thrift 2000: 214)


    Also – how did you get the photos to look like that? Fab.

    1. Hey Merle,

      Thanks for this quote! I am definitely working with the client during a reading to seek out and imagine what is not marked.

      The pictures were all taken by my friend Tracee Worley (see the link to her website near the top of the post). I think she took them with her phone!

      Pretty great, huh? My only direction to her was to convey the mood of the event and the reading–to be something a little more than documentary.

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