hold on, hold on

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In every generation, we must get free. Let everyone of us work, let none of us shirk our duty.

I do not think that there is anything that is functionally–by its very nature–absolutely liberating. Liberty is a practice… The liberty of men is never assured by the institutions and laws that are intended to guarantee them… I think that it can never be inherent in the structure of things to guarantee the exercise of freedom. The guarantee of freedom is freedom.

–Michel Foucault.


4 thoughts on “hold on, hold on

  1. This is the best sort of highlight of MLK day, Adeola. Not to discount anything that King did, but this is how change really happens.

    Also, I have to admit that I rarely see Foucault quotes in this context. Surprisingly fitting.

    1. people focus on King’s famous speeches, and forget he was out in the streets with a multitude. people think civil rights is “a black thing” and forget that they are not free when others are enslaved, and that all kinds of people, over many long, hard years, had to go into the streets and even die for change.

      yes brian, foucault was one person who i think understood these things, that’s why i quote him.


  2. Michel Focault’s quote is a classic.

    May I also add that the one thing always standing in the way of man’s freedom is greed.


    1. ayo,

      i do agree that greed is a huge part of what yokes people to unsustainable ways of life. many believe that acquiring things is all is necessary to live a fulfilled life, and then soon find out that it is the things themselves, and the quest for more, that ties them to a system of thinking and living that is actually killing them.

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