the living room is open

The Living Room(s), a “non-space for exhibitions, performance and discursive events in Amsterdam West,” is an exciting new venture of my friends, musicians Anat Spiegel and Thomas Mymel, along with curator, Yael Messer and writer, Gilad Reich. According to their website,  The Livingroom(s)

is not a modular space- adapting to host a variety of activities; but a variety of activities adapting to the diverse spaces offered to us by sympathetic property owners, shop owners, squatters, buurtcentrums, and artists: like-minded people with a burning desire to see the cohesion of the neighborhood grow. Together we can critically examine our surroundings, create new relationships with our neighbors, and revel in the knowledge of each others perspective.

If you are in Amsterdam Saturday, April 23, check out their kickoff event!

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