moscow madness

Dear Readers,

I haven’t posted in a while, because I have been in the throes of transitioning to my new life in MOSCOW! Archiving the City will be published out of this icy city for the next 9 months, despite the threat of frostbitten digits.

Why am I in Moscow, you might ask? Well, I am doing an extended research residency at the Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design. Strelka Institute is a two-year old initiative of local media oligarchs and publishers and architects, who would like to transform the discourse around urbanism in Moscow. It’s a tall order, and I am one of a few foreigners who has been invited to participate in interdisciplinary research with early-career Russian architects, social scientists and artists. The entire progam of research is organized and led by Rem Koolhaas’ Office of Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) and its mirror research entity, AMO. The research can take a variety of creative forms, and the results will be exhibited, published and otherwise disseminated in the Russian press at the end of next summer. An excellent opportunity, and right up my alley, clearly.

So far, life here has been a whirlwind of lectures by local city officials, architects, academics, tours of construction projects, parks, Moscow suburbs, museums, galleries, and even a local primary school. As you can see me and my new friend, architect Carlos Medellin of Bogota, Colombia, just LOVE school! Check out some of Carlos’ work (it might take some time to load, but worth the wait).

Expect a barrage of Moscow-related posts over the next months, as I become even stranger in this wild city, and work out how to archive this experience.

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