into the creamy center

Here I am in Moscow’s Bar Strelka, being interviewed about my impressions of my first 3 months in Moscow.

I like Moscow, if by like I really mean I’m scared of Moscow. Moscow is really scary to me, but that’s also exciting. It reminds me of New York in a really odd way, like when New York was a little bit scarier. When it was harder to tell what’s around the corner. Everything in Moscow is inaccessible to me, because I don’t speak Russian and I’m foreign. I feel there are these layers of the city that I can’t reach, it’s like a mystery. But around this hard crusty outside of Moscow, I really feel that there’s a soft creamy center. And I’m going to find it.


2 thoughts on “into the creamy center

  1. Oh my goodness, yes, please share when you do find the soft creamy center of Moscow. How do you feel that your time in Moscow and your unanticipated cross-disciplinary experience at Strelka feeds into your overall work archiving and exploring cities?

  2. Good day to you in Moscow! I live in Moscow, and if I could I would be glad to help. Edintvennaya trouble you do not speak in Russian and I do not speak in English. But we can help each other in language learning. Treat!

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