sociological party marathon

On Sunday, May 6, 2012, as part of the city-wide Delai Sam (DIY) Urban Festival, 10-15 participants will engage in a “Sociological Party-Marathon” in the Palevsky Zhilmassiv, Saint Petersburg’s oldest cooperative community. The idea is for people to open up their homes to strangers, and to enjoy food and drinks, while they discuss important aspects of life in their community.

This event is a challenge to people who want to  to get out of the routine of everyday atomization—who really want to “move” in a different, and unpredictable direction.

Successful movements to change cities by the residents, depend upon a strong sense of community: people recognize that they are connected, sharing histories and come together on that basis, not just because of a threat from outside. In other words, people know their neighbors and recognize that they are together, attached to each other in this particular time and place.

This performance was commissioned by the Centre for Independent Social Research, Saint Petersburg, and I am so happy to put it together. If any of you are in Saint Petersburg this Sunday, join us!

To read more about the context, and see documentation of the action, click here.

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