city of islands within islands 1



The winter of 2011-2012 marked a tense and exciting period in Moscow. For the first time since 1991, people entered the streets en masse to demand change in their government. During this period, I went for walks in the streets of the city with its residents. “City of Islands within Islands,” a ‘samizdat’ (Soviet-era ‘do-it-yourself’ pamphlet for the clandestine distribution of prohibited texts) , contains written ‘images’ which act as a record of those walks. Each English language text contains its Russian mirror.

The samizdat was produced in a series of 15 folders like the one pictured above.  Each folder contains 28 sheets of paper. English text is printed in black on white paper and Russian text is printed in black on translucent tracing paper. All English to Russian translations were done by Valentina Moskaleva.

You can read samples of these texts here and here.


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