we are IKEA disobedients

IKEA Disobedients is a project of the Madrid-based firm, Andrés Jaque Architects/Office for Political Innovation. The project challenges the insidious notions of neat and nuclear urban domesticity promoted by the ubiquitous IKEA catalogue, by initiating a socially-engaged art/architecture project that explores the variety of complex domestic arrangements that form the (decidedly messier, non-condominumed) basis of our urban… Read More we are IKEA disobedients

Tokyo Metabolism

Over 10 days in Tokyo, Alexander Novikov, Silvia Franceschini, Carlos Medellin and I got into the city, its history, its tastes, its metabolism. It was a joy to work with two architects and a curator. Here is what we learned. Special Thanks to Juan Pablo Gomez for your patience and expertise in editing!