realness, not realism, in urban living

Who needs realism? Luckily, the nature of fashion is anti-realistic and the perfect place to park one’s own understimulated, grey realistic everyday life. This is a place of dreams, a place where almost impossible beauty is created; a place where curiosity, wonderment and fiction thrive–all things that block out the sneaky boredom of mediocrity that… Read More realness, not realism, in urban living

Shop Windows

One day last winter, I noticed this interesting exhibit/display in the windows of Macy’s Department Store. These images grabbed me immediately: The drawings and posters of Josephine Baker as a fashion icon, and the mannequins, with their expressive hand gestures, and the colorful printed text, of (real? and) imagined “Baker-isms” “Maman” Josephine       Beyonce you can have my… Read More Shop Windows

Single Men

I am not sure what exactly this has to do with the theme of urban research, or archiving the city, but I must mention the greatest (urban?) youtube phenomena of 2008: copying Beyonce’s music video for her song “Single Ladies.” My two  favorite “repeat performances” are by these fabulous men. What I love about these performances is… Read More Single Men

Lagos Hair

I grew up in Lagos, Nigeria during the oil boom of the 1970’s and 80’s. Fashion reflected the city’s exuberant modernism and futurism. There were great hairstyles, which all the fancy ladies wore. The city was changing and growing fast. New structures seemed to be going up everyday. The new hairstles were intended to simulate the forms… Read More Lagos Hair