How to build a metabolizing city?

One relationship, one neighborhood at a time. In many ways, we strangers experience today’s Tokyo as the dream city of metabolism: networked and cosmopolitan, efficient and polite, caring and tolerant. This dream experience has a history. According to Koh Kityama, professor of architecture and leading authority on Tokyo’s metabolism, Tokyo is a city shaped by… Read More How to build a metabolizing city?

Tokyo Metabolism

Over 10 days in Tokyo, Alexander Novikov, Silvia Franceschini, Carlos Medellin and I got into the city, its history, its tastes, its metabolism. It was a joy to work with two architects and a curator. Here is what we learned. Special Thanks to Juan Pablo Gomez for your patience and expertise in editing!

end times

Terror! In filmic imagination, the end of the world is really associated with the end of the city. World War II saw the full destruction of great cities by radiation and fire. The massive loss of life in the powerful haze of giant mushroom clouds and the slower deaths, memorialized in films like Gojira (1954) and… Read More end times